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Thread: Membership Cards?

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    Membership Cards?

    I am thinking of printing up some high quality, glossy membership cards to carry around when i open carry. They would be printed and look very official!

    When someone expressed their dislike of the weapon's presence or whatever, I'd say, "Sir, (or ma'am,) I understand your concerns and i will address them immediately. If you give me your name, I will register you with the group of people who share your views!

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    I'd fill in their name with a black Sharpie and hand it to them! Let 'em go home and Google it!

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    If you order a whole box of them you might find you'll have them a while. :P I've been open carrying everywhere I go and I've had one person say something negative to me about it. It was at Backyard Burger. The order taker asked in a smart assed kind of tone if I was under cover. I said, "Uh... no." And he just said, "That's creepy." It started up a pretty good conversation in the kitchen, though. So 500 in a box... I imagine that'd last you 40 years.
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