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    Open and Me

    Today I was thinking, mostly about my attitude.
    My attitude toward the people on this site is pretty respectable. Eventhough I dont agree with some of the stuff a few of yall do, I still admire your patriotic commitment.
    " I just dont understand the not showing ID thing in public". I guess thats because I live in a state full of freeloading Illegals and want them cought. But enough of that.

    I spy several websites now and then and get really disgusted reading the stupid crap people post on them. Most of them are Texas websites. Im ashamed of those people and their submissive attitudes toward Texas right to carry restrictions.
    Now here's the self improvement I have been blessed with. A lot of the post I read come form worms that have moved here from California and your other more libtarded states. I kinda started think terrible things such as " @$353^@^$&^BLEEEP"! Now that I have put some thought to the subject, I had to grow a little. Eventhough we have California libtarded gun owners in Texas, I realized I have actually made friends with some very conservitive people from California. People living right here in Texas and share the same thought as I do about our Constitutional rights. One of them is even a school teacher.
    So, I changed my attitude. Libtards suck no matter where they come from. Just because a person claims to support the 2nd amendment doesnt mean they understand the constitutionality of it. Elitist people only want those rights for themselves and have no desire to accept "relaxed" restrictions. We have plenty of those people here already.

    So to my out of state friends of open, thank you all for being true patriots. I dont care where you are, your alright in my book.

    Sorry for the goofy rant, im just thinking out loud.

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    I"m not 100% sure what you are getting at, but I know that some, if not all law enforcement agencies have LEIN databases that they keep information about people... this information is not FOIA accessible and not really accessible to the public in anyway.. there is no "file" but that info still exists... SOOOO... some people, by denying ID are trying to stay out of LEIN databases

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    Thanks. OC is the literal "tip of the spear" for second amendment rights and activism.

    The stop/ID thing is simple. We dont now, nor do we want to, live in a "Papers Please" State. If you give "em an inch 'ya know. Its more of a reciprocal respect thing. If a LEO wants to treat me with respect, I'll show the same and give my ID almost every time. If the LEO is on a power thip, I'll give him a power struggle. It will remind them that the citizens are also deserving of respect, and can assert thier rights. It also lets them know that its easier for both of us if he would respect the rights that we pay him to, and he took an oath to, protect. It also shows him that we as OCers and gun owners are responsible enough to know and articulate themselves within the law. That in and of itself can gain the officers respect. If he wants mine, all he has to do is to honor the laws he and I are subject to, and the constitution that I work so hard to maintain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR Redenck View Post
    So to my out of state friends of open, thank you all for being true patriots. I dont care where you are, your alright in my book.
    Your alright ends where my alright begins, then??

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    Open carry...well, sometime (if you do not already know) look up "Rosa Parks" Then think of this statement:

    "Rosa Parks, please move to the back of the bus, you are making some people nervous."

    Simmulated 911 call of the time (if 911 had existed then) "there is a black woman that does not know her place and will not move to the back of the bus"

    (No I am not a classified "minority", but I do admire Miss Rosa) Did Rosa Parks get arrested? Oh yes she did.

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