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Thread: Safariland Holsters and Quick Attachment Systems

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    Safariland Holsters and Quick Attachment Systems

    Does anyone use a Safariland holster with the various quick attachment system (QAS, QLS, MLS, ELS)?

    This looked pretty cool because I could pull the holster off the belt and mount it on a panel in the car or home.

    If so, what are you using?

    I'm thinking of getting a 6070UBL-2-2 mid ride adapter for my 6377 ALS holster.
    -> Quick Attachment Systems
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    I use a 6280 on a dedicated gun belt. I don't need the quick detach stuff since that's what having a second belt is for, but I will say that Safariland is THE best when it comes to retention holsters and related gear. If they offer a product that fits your desires, rest assured that it'll work as well or better than any other product on the market, and last a very long time.

    One other thing, the 6070 is likely overkill. The 6280 with or without the retention upgrades is enough for private OCing for most people, and for that matter has been in successful use with many cops for a long time. The same can be said for their other level 2 holsters. If you really want the 6070 you should get it, but it's probably a bit much.
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    If you like that, you should take a look at Blackhawk's Quick Disconnect System.,1239,82.htm

    I have a Serpa and have been looking at doing a drop leg and/or shoulder rig for my P95. I would be nice to have the same holster for all configurations and not have to buy 3 seperate holsters. This rotates and snaps into the base. You can order bases as needed.

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