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Thread: Cyberattack CAN BE Considered Act of War.

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    Cyberattack CAN BE Considered Act of War.

    I think that the wording in this article is interesting.

    " ... The Pentagon, trying to create a formal strategy to deter cyberattacks on the United States, plans to issue a new strategy soon declaring that a computer attack from a foreign nation can be considered an act of war that may result in a military response...."

    So, the author states that the Pentagon is planning to issue a declaration "that a computer attack from a foreign nation CAN BE considered an act of war", and that it "MAY result in a military response."

    What I find interesting is that the Pentagon is not going to just outright consider it an act of war, but merely state that it "can be" considered one. And that there "may" be a military response.

    So, IMO, cyber-attacks from other States are an act of war, cyber-attacks are a form of warfare, and should be responded to militarily.
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    Saber rattling with North Korea..... Thats what I read...

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    Depends on the level of attack and origin of attack. You wouldn't want to declare war because some basement dweller in Germany launched a 'computer attack' against the CIA homepage in order to make it say '213374u' or some such. Like wise, why start a war over an attack that does no damage? That would be like going to war with Russia because they called us nasty poo poo heads.

    I agree with the wording, it very well can be an act of war and one that may very well necessitate a military response, but not always. You can't go off attacking every country that pings us.

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