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OK, I made a ton of changes to the site, so I can now go to bed!

I did, however, want to make you folks know of some of the insanity I just posted (more to come, these were the docs I already had in some digital format or another). These are the towns I ranked as "F" so far. The reason why we need to end this suitability and local issuing authority nonsense. At least some form of preemption or something!

Hartford - telling citizens that there is a 90 day wait just to drop off your paperwork....... and here's the interesting part; they won't give you paperwork until they tell you they are ready!

Salisbury - Medical records release, 3 character references (on their own form), 8-10 week turnaround. MEDICAL RECORDS!!!!!!!

Seymour - "SPD Pistol Permit Waiver Form - they want to contact your present or past employer and notarize that you give them permission. . Self addressed stamped envelope, 8-14 weeks to process. Ummm..... don't think I want them contacting my employer!!! "hey, did you know your employee wants to carry a gun!".

West Hartford - Supplemental form, notarized, asking for blanket permission to contact anyone and also permission to, and I quote, "checking references, past criminal activities, employment history, credit checks, obtaining motor vehicle history and educational background." CREDIT - ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!

At least when the next legislative session comes around, we'll be even more armed with data on problems with the pistol permit process. Thanx for the support this year, we already started using the data during the 2011 legislative session and it was indeed helpful.

Links to many of the town paperwork on the site at:

Keeping up the fight,