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Thread: SB231 Judiciary Committee Hearing AAR

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    SB231 Judiciary Committee Hearing AAR

    After attending the hearing and delivering my testimony I have concluded that the debate over this issue in conjunction with testimony given by the Nevada ACLU there will be a positive outcome regardless of the fate of this bill.

    I'll explain; The Nevada ACLU has commented that broad discretionary policy without criteria for granting or denying permission to carry firearms is not only unconstitutional, it is not in keeping with the SCOTUS ruling that applies the due process under the fourteenth amendment when deciding a request to carry firearms on NSHE campuses IAW current Nevada law.

    As soon as the issue of what criteria needed to be met to grant permission to carry on campus was raised, all campus presidents suddenly packed their bags and left. I speculate that this was a question that they could not and would not answer. leaving only the chancellor to stake his claim that he can't answer because it wasn't his decision to make. (I recorded that testimony)

    The opposition got ripped to shreds by more than a small number of committee members. In their arrogance, they applauded testimony as it was given until the committee members questioned their rationale. They were all but high-fiving each other, only to stutter when asked for the fact rather than the conjecture.

    When their irrational arguments failed, claiming that CCW holders would slaughter each other as a result of confusion over who the bad guy is, they would then be gunned down by police who seem to have no concept of the possibility that they may come upon a scene where armed law abiding students have defended themselves, they then their attempt to kill the bill with semantics. They claim they can not define a campus. They want to convolute the bill with so many amendments and restrictions that the bill would be impossible and impractical to implement to either force a stall long enough to die or force a veto.

    If the bill fails to pass the cmte or assy. all is not lost because the NSHE has now been forced to come to grips with the reality that they have been exposed for not having a sustainable criteria for granting CCW on campus and will be right back here in two years spending money they don't have trying to defend their rabid anti-gun policy all over again. They also know that their cards are on the table and will likely loose in a court of law when their arbitrary denial scheme is challenged.

    One way or another, this bill results in a victory for college students in Nevada, but one path will be paved by good legislation, the other has yet to be carved out; but we know what will need to be done.
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    I was there but I had to leave early as I had to be somewhere at 2 PM and they started so late.

    I left right when the anti-gun viewpoint in Carson City was concluded by the political science teacher talking about how she thought students would start shooting over heated political discussions in the classroom.

    I hope it passes.

    It did seem like the opposition was trying to kill the bill by pushing for an amendment, which probably doesn't have time to be voted on.
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