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Thread: Holster opinion Sorry for the repeats of topics

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    Holster opinion Sorry for the repeats of topics

    I am sure this has been discussed plenty of times before. What I am wondering is about retention straps? I have a fobus paddle holster that has no straps and when my firearm is pushed in it clicks but had no release button to pull out. It just has a firm pull to release the firearm. The question is Do you find this a wise way to oc? I love the way it fits tight to me. I am just concerned about anti's seeing a no strapped in gun walking around.

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    I carry my sr9c in a don hume h721 ot 36-1 (made for a glock 36). It is a non-retention, but it fits in pretty snug. With its forward cant, it lays under my forearm and is pretty secure. It you are not aware of your surrounding, even a retention holder can be defeated quite easily. I also don't open carry in crowds anyway, so I don't worry about someone getting that close without me knowing. Of course, if you are uncomfortable with something, then it is not for you. Peace of mind is very important.

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    My worry is never if someone is going to grab my gun, my worry is "is my gun going to fall out if I get into a fight?" I carry a gun for a SHTF situation, what makes me think in a SHTF situation that I'll be able to draw my gun before being thrown to the ground by the BG? All my OWB holsters have thumb snaps.

    for the record - I do have the don hume h721 ot on order for my ruger gp100... I've never had an open top, so for this I'm just going to try it out. I hardly ever carry a revolver out with me. 6 rounds vs 16 do the math.
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