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Thread: MPD on Conceal Carry

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    MPD on Conceal Carry

    Milwaukee Police Department
    Yet another incident last night where armed suspects put Milwaukee Police Officers & the community in danger. Second time in a week officers had to use deadly force when face to face w/ guns in our streets. How can we still be talking about allowing more guns to be carried with impunity on those streets? We hope their job does not become even more dangerous.

    How about not lumping us law abiding citizens with the criminals?
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    Not surprising considering that when Van Hollen issued the memo stating the OC was legal in WI he would still have his cops "put people who were OCing on the ground until they found out what was going on" . There are probably some who have no problem with it but it is the pack mentality at work here.
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    [QUOTE=protias;1545049]Milwaukee Police Department
    How can we still be talking about allowing more guns to be carried with impunity on those streets?

    But wait a minute, putting more police officers into the area ALLOWS more guns to be carried with impunity too. Would you like to retract your previous statement, MPD? Oh, that's right, its all about who has the guns and the good guys better have them.

    I figure that MPD's sense of entitlement of being the ONLY ones to carry in the city is because of all their "training" and "qualifications". Never mind that they can't interrupt more than 1 violent crime per week to save the victims. Victims should be armed too, and everywhere.

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