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Thread: Sykes call-in at 8:30AM Friday

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    Sykes call-in at 8:30AM Friday

    He's going to go off on his "Permits and Training" rant no doubt. WTMJ has a live internet feed at

    IF you get through in the call-in, ask him if he is aware that the voters of WI passed a STATE constitutional right in 1998 that states "The people have the right to bear arms for defense". Then ask him if he knows of ANY other state right that mandates training.

    If he gives you the time, be sure to mention that the GOP platform at the recent party meeting in the Dells had a ruling that was voted on by state GOP delegates and it was UNANINMOUS..."The GOP platform in WI supports Constitutional Carry".

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    One more reason I don't listen to that jack wagon.
    In God I trust. Everyone else needs to keep your hands where I can see them.

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    Charlie Who?

    If he was anyone worth listening to, I might try to listen in.

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