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Thread: OC news

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    OC news

    Are their any updates lately on OC hasn't been much talk about the bill in awhile just checking in on it?

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    yes, its dead until 2013

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    We got farther than a lot of people expected.

    A lot of people said we'd never get a bill introduced this session & we got it in.
    A lot of people said that bill would die in committee and we got it through in its original form.

    That being said, it has died. We will not get any form of OC through the legislature this session.

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    We've really gone a long way, but we have some more "traveling" to do. This is really a hard bill to get through but with persistence (sp) I still believe that it can be done and will try to the best of my ability to help it to occur. The TEXAS congress is now in SPECIAL SESSION until 25 June 2011 and it is , NOW, it is up to GOVERNOR PERRY to set the agenda, as to which BILLS will even hit the floor, so once again it is time to wait and see, and TIME is on our side. If all goes bad there is the next session which is probably 2013.
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