Fresh from the mailman....Courtesy of Rock River Leather Co! Worked with RDB (the owner) and got a really sweet new holster made up for my full size Smith and Wesson M&P 45. Made from Horsehide leather, It looks absolutely awesome and the quality is top notch! I love having the snap belt loops so i can take it off when i need to (going into work or something) and but it back on easily. I HIGHLY recommended Rocky River Leather if your looking for a fantastic holster!

The Pictures:

It holds it very close to the body, i could almost CC the gun if it was the shorter barrel. Will definitely work well for a winter CC carry. But i Open Carry all the time on an everyday basis so this is perfect! Definitely going to Rocky River Leather for any of my future holster needs. Here is the site for anyone interested They don't have a picture up of the holster yet but mostly because this was the first one like this he made. Again, just great work!