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Thread: OC @ dunkin donuts

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    Thumbs up OC @ dunkin donuts

    Yesterday i visited the Washington wal-mart which now has a dunkin donuts in it. I bought a few things in wal-mart and saw that dunkin donuts had a wifi signal. So I stoped in there and got something to eat and drink. To my dismay I found out that there wifi signal was on a secured network. The workers there noticEd that I was carrying my Springfield Armory XD(M) .40 compact and started asking me questions. It was fun to have sone interested people engage me in conversation rather than the usual police crap. In summary if you are in Washington and want a donut and some friendly service hit up the dunkin donuts in the Washington wal-mart.

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    This establishment seems like just the place to encounter an LEO....

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    HA. and maybe homer simpson.

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