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Thread: My RRG Experience

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    My RRG Experience

    I went camping and hiking with my friends this weekend in Red River Gorge--about 3 of us were OCing. One of our vehicles broke down and we were waiting for AAA to get there. We were stuck for around an hour and during this period, we had 2 LEO interactions.

    1st: A Menifee Co. Deputy stopped to make sure we were alright. He saw our weapons but didn't mention them. When we told him we were fine and he drove away. In the next 15 minutes he drove by several times. We assumed he was keeping an eye on us and then he finally stopped. He apparently was trying to find another officer who radioed for backup. He was unable to find him and wondered if we had seen him. He also wondered if we had cell service. I let him use my phone to call dispatch. I then quipped that, "If you deputize us, we'll apprehend the suspects for him." He laughed and quipped back that we sure had enough guns for the job. He then drove away. All in all a great experience.

    2nd: A U.S. Forest Ranger pulls over while the truck was being loaded on the tow truck. He noticed our weapons but said nothing. We had a couple buddies who were going to ride with the driver. The driver asked that they hand over their weapons to us. He made it clear that he didn't have a personal problem with the weapons but that there was some federal law prohibiting guns in commercial vehicles. The Ranger just nods his head seemingly unsure of if that law really exists. My friends hand me their weapons and I put them in my backpack and put it inside my truck. I thought for sure the Ranger would want to see me CCDW as I am now concealing. Surprisingly he doesn't care and drives off. And everyone lives happily ever after...

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    Just for future reference, there is NO law prohibiting firearms in a commercial vehicle. I am an over the road truck driver and have heard this myth for many years. Other than that, they sound like good interactions.

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    I want you with me next time I go camping in RRG; sounds like you've got the luck of having the cool-headed LEO's, at least with US Ranger LEO's.

    The Deputy must've been Watkins, pretty cool guy, friend of the family; just count yourself lucky it wasn't Coffey, only law he follows is his own, just ask one of his deputies.
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