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Thread: My priorities

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    My priorities

    My first priority is to be able to carry a loaded weapon for self defense.
    First, I would like to see Calif go shall issue. Then, I can then carry everywhere except sensitive areas. 626.9 will be moot. Business's that don't want firearms inside won't know.
    Granted, it's a permission slip, but the Sheriff will be reduced to the administrative duties of issuing CCW's. I suspect they will tire of this quickly.
    After we get shall issue, I want LOC with 626.9 and the federal GFSZ gone. Getting rid of 12031 only but leaving 626.9 and the federal GFSZ intact won't help much. We will still be playing the "lock it up" game. This will be a while in coming, but I feel it can be acheived. Mainly because it is racial in nature, and the only difference between LOC and having a CCW is, someone can see the gun.
    I would like to see us with something like Arizona has, but I think we will end up with something more like Nevada.
    A citizen may not be required to offer a ―good and substantial reason-- why he should be permitted to exercise his rights. The right‘s existence is all the reason he needs.

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    I posted this on facebook and sent it to the news media in April of last yr.

    Gundude, I agree with everything in your post above, 100%.

    My belief and stance on Guns and 'open carry' and 'concealed carry'
    by Dale Paris on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 7:37pm
    In CA, we have a 'may issue' concealed gun permit. It is left to the judgement of your local chief of police, or local county sheriff. Most city chiefs pass it on the the county. In the bay area, you need to prove that you need it. Self Protection is not a good enough reason, in the eyes of the locals.
    I believe every person who is able to buy a gun legally, should be able to get a CCW. It works in 48 other states. Crime has gone down in every state that has 'Shall Issue" and or Loaded Open Carry.
    It has been proven, if the bad guy does not know who has a gun on them, then crime will decrease.
    Why would the bad guy take the change? They don't.
    In CA we have what is called Unloaded Open Carry.
    That is where you can carry a gun on your belt, unloaded, with thefully loaded magizine also on your belt. There are some rules that we need to follow, the main ones are you can not be 1000' from a k-12 school, puplic or pivate, and can not be inside a government building.
    While having an unloaded gun might seam to be a little silly, it can be fully ready to protect you in under 3 seconds.
    I would much prefur to carry a fully loaded concealed gun. We are fighting a political battle in our state to hopefully win that back.
    The state of CA has taking that RIGHT from us. We have to fight to get it back.

    The Open Carriers come from all walks of life.We have curent, and ex-law emforcement, current, ex-military, doctors, lawyers, bussness men and women. It is about our safety, and that of our families.
    Crime has gotten out of control in CA. Every city and county is cutting back on police services. The Police can not protect you. They do not have a duty to protect you. It is every persons duty to protect themselves.
    No one wants to have to use a gun, or for that mater any means to hurt another. But, we have that right. We can use any force needed to stop someone from doing us harm.

    Guns are not the problem. guns are just a tool. It is the person that kills, rapes, and robs you. Not the gun.
    A gun in the hands of a law abiding person is not going to hurt you. We respect law enforcement, and work with them as much as we can when we set up our events.

    To get to know us, feel free to come on out to a meetup. We may be having one in your area soon. If not, contact us. ask us. WE will be open and honest with our answers.
    We respect others views, and rights.

    Thank you for you time

    President, Contra Costa Open Carry

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    I think the way you prioritize it is good. The only thing I would stress is how important LOC is. CCW is necessary to provide for self defense but LOC is what we need to show people that firearms a corner stone to a free society. LOC is key to stopping the progression of a nanny state.

    Ultimately, concealed and open carry without a permit is the goal. We must have faith in our fellow man, the founding fathers did, and so should we. Do you think my father would let me play with a gun as a child? Of course not! Do you think my father would let me shoot a firearm if he didn't feel completely confident I knew proper safety and handling procedures? Of course not!

    A gun is a potentially dangerous tool. You don't give a kid a fishing hook without showing them how sharp it is. Firearms should be treated the same way. Why don't we have government mandated permitting requirements before someone touches a fish hook? Because that's stupid over reaching encroachment into citizens lives.

    Just my two cents.
    "I do not love the sword for its gleam, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory; I love only what they protect."
    — J.R.R. Tolkien

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