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Thread: Auction Arms: WI PPA

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    Auction Arms: WI PPA

    Short little blurb in my Auction Arms newsletter, at first read appears to be the same ol' same ol'. I wonder if the NRA will accept responsibility if the Gov't mangles SB93 as fast as they're willing to claim the glory for it's existence.

    ( -- In 2003 and 2005, the NRA advocated for the strongest Personal Protection Act (PPA) in Wisconsin possible, but a number of detrimental amendments had to be accepted in order to climb to the two-thirds supermajority votes in the Assembly and Senate needed to potentially override Governor Jim Doyle’s promised vetoes.

    The bills during those two years would have been much stronger had only simple majority votes from each house been necessary, as is the case now.

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    I was involved in both of those. The NRA did send a full time lobbyist to WI to help in the fight. I met him several times at meetings about how to get more legislative support to override Doyle. He's here today also. He's Darren Lasorte. Everything in that letter is accurate.

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