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Thread: Tim Cridland -- The man who feels no pain

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    Tim Cridland -- The man who feels no pain

    Physiologically, his body is the same as yours and mine. It's the techniques and methods that he applies, that makes this truly impressive. Imagine if everyone tapped in to this ability.

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    This reminds me of a video I saw a while ago, about some street side cook in Thailand. Deep fries things in a wok, and uses his bare hands to grab things in and out of the deep fry wok. Doesn't blister his hands or anything, etc..

    Pretty wicked to watch.

    Edit : This guy
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    Not I! I splattered about half an ounce of grease from a griddle on my hand and it blistered right up. The incredible, throbbing pain set in about twenty minutes later.

    My only talent in that area is that my body tends to reabsorb scar tissue. The "scar" still shows as a discoloration, but after a couple of years, all the hard scar tissue is gone.
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