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Thread: non-resident business owner and firearms

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    non-resident business owner and firearms

    my step mother recently opened a business in Quincy but lives in Missouri. she commented that with IL being a commie, gun hating state (nothing personal to the residents) she was wondering what kind of hoops she would have to jump through to be able to keep a gun in the store.

    i'm thinking that as a non-resident she couldn't have a FOID card and thus not be able to legally keep a firearm on the premises. right/wrong?

    you guys know the state statutes better than i. can you point me towards the ones that apply, either against or in favor of the situation?
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    In People v. Holmes, the Illinois Supreme Court held that a license to carry a handgun or concealed weapon issued to a nonresident of Illinois by that nonresident's state of residence qualified as an exception to the FOID Card Act and entitled the nonresident to the same treatment under the UUW and AUUW statutes as an IL resident holding a FOID card.
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