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Thread: Baltimore PD issues memo profiling people with gun rights decals as dangerous...

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    Baltimore PD issues memo profiling people with gun rights decals as dangerous...

    Baltimore Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi confirmed that the bulletin was authentic.

    “As you are also aware, traffic stops are the single most dangerous encounter for law enforcement.... The presence of a decal is NOT justification in itself for a traffic stop.”
    Mr. Guglielmi is correct--more police ARE killed or injured during traffic stops than during ANY other form of police activity.

    However, what he fails to say is that being shot by someone in the car they have stopped is actually WAY down on the list of things that pose a danger to LEOs during traffic stops. The number one killer of LEOs during traffic stops is OTHER VEHICLES on the road driving by.

    Most LEOs that are shot in the line of duty are NOT shot during traffic stops--they are shot during responding to "domestics" or robberies in progress, or during the serving of warrants, or during raids...

    Traffic stop shootings of LEOs are, in fact, VERY rare, and are, if the records are true, almost non-existent in MD.

    Unfortunately, the inverse is not true. Law-abiding citizens run a MUCH higher risk of being threatened with a firearm, or even being shot without cause in MD by LEOs than in any state in the region, if the historical record is to be believed.

    Police don't need to fear people who believe in the Constitution in MD.

    But apparently if you, as a citizen, believe in the Constitution and have the audacity to advertize that on your car, you have put yourself into a "high risk group" in the eyes of the BPD...

    Thanks for your support of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, there Commish Bealefeld...

    It would serve BPD to remember that the ONLY people who have been shot by people authorized to legally CC in MD in recent history were civilians shot by drunk MD LEOs.

    Perhaps if MSP and BPD turned their gaze INWARD instead of assuming that EVERYONE in the state without a badge is a criminal, they would have a much smoother relaationship with their population, and wouldn't spend so much time in Federal Courts defending themselves against 1983 suits...
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    They are nuts, I have this bumper sticker.... ... I hope they pull me over just because I have this sticker on my truck. I will sue the crap out of the police and the state, already have an attorney that said he would love to take the case.... I have CCW'S, LTCF'S, CHP'S, and LTCW, can carry in over 35 states have over 500 hrs class room training, and 500hrs live fire training, plus over 250,000 rounds down range. I think I have more training than most of the police in Md put together....

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    Well, tit for tat, I'd say...,

    from what I read and see concerning Baltimore PD, I consider people who drive vehicles that have Baltimore Police Department decals on them dangerous too.


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