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Thread: woman attacked in loudon county 5-23-2011

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    woman attacked in loudon county 5-23-2011

    just saw this in VCDL alert

    two things jumped out at me. the authorities said to go in pairs, duh, the women in the story were in a pair!
    then to bring a cell phone with you. what would that be for, to locate the bodies?
    i am sending this to some of my NC friends to show them you can be attacked in a park
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    he grabbed her rear end.
    Carry On.


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    OK, let me get this straight...

    TWO women were on the Trail...

    and a guy jumped out and grabbed one of them.

    And the Police suggest that the way to avoid these sorts of attacks is to "travel in pairs"?...

    Apparently, the Loudoun County Sheriff's Department is using the same testing standards that they use in Connecticut...

    My suggestion for people on the W&OD Trail would be simply to OC, or at least have some good pepper spray...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamer View Post
    Apparently, the Loudoun County Sheriff's Department is using the same testing standards that they use in Connecticut...
    Yeah, well.... this is the same department that arrested a guy for DUI, left his dog locked in the car to die, then blamed the man for 'not telling them'..... :

    Edit: Correction, he was arrested for Drunk in Public.
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