So my wife and I went up to Mackinac to celebrate our 1 year anniversary together. We stayed in Mackinac City, but visited St. Ignace and Mackinac Island. I'm proud to say that I OC'd the entire 4 days we were up there, and had absolutely no problems what-so-ever, and even OC'd in two PFZ's. (O'Riley's Irish Pub and the Keyhole Bar) with zero issues. OC'ing at Fort Michilamackinac, one of the reenactment people motioned to my gun and stated 'Hey, is that a Glock?" I responded with 'Yes, it's a Glock 23.' He came back with 'Cool. My every day carry is a Browning Hi-Power' and motioned to his hip.

All in all, a great experience in Mackinac with absolutely no problems. Didn't see a single police officer or have a single negative experience; as it should be. Just thought I'd share.