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Thread: Blood Boiling - Fired for preventing a robbery

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    Blood Boiling - Fired for preventing a robbery

    "If an employee at your store foiled a robbery and saved the lives of customers and workers alike by firing a concealed weapon he was licensed to carry, would you:

    A. Promote him and give him a raise.

    B. Honor him as a hero and give him a bonus.

    C. Unceremoniously fire him.

    A Walgreens in Benton Township, Mich., chose 'C' recently, by letting night-shift pharmacist Jeremy Hoven go for firing a handgun during an armed robbery, causing masked gunmen to flee."
    Poor Obama. All this time, he thought he had been placed in charge of the GovernMINT.

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    I'm all for a boycott of Walgreens. At the corporate level their business practices on their pharmaceutical side are nothing less than predatory. On the medical equipment side they treat their employees as a disposable "resource", and would sell their own grandparents for $.02.

    That Walgreens would favor a corporate "risk management strategy" drafted by lawyers operating in the safety of their offices to favor profit over ethics and punish the integrity and courage of an employee who works in an environment that carries intrinsic risk for personal harm is really a no brainer. Walgreens is an excellent example of what happens when greed is substituted for ambition and honesty...not that this couldn't be said of many corporations around the globe...I'm just sayin'......
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    our *

    * turf removed as politically incorrect, replaced by zone of envolvement. thank you.
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    I recently changed from Walgreen's to getting my prescriptions at Target because of the better prices. With a deductible like mine, I feel the squeeze of every dollar of a prescription. Feeling even better about that now.

    Is this where someone tells me that Target is anti-gun. That would sure be ironic. :-)

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    so were pretty much done with going to Walgreens state wide then?

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    Last few years or so Walgreens has gotten more than just a little full of themselves.

    We have switched away from them and tried other locations, as well as other pharmacies....including Wally Worlds.
    Doc wrote me a script for some codeine cough syrup....Wally Worlds version of the codeine cough syrup wouldnt even slow down a sick kid as it was so watered down and diluted.

    For one reason or another we always end up back with Walgreens.

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    I worked at a Walgreens as a night cashier/ Stocker back in the early 90's for 4 years. Their Corp policy is Give the robber what ever they want, do not fight JUST HAND IT OVER to them - They have insurance & that's what it's there for. You have to remember they are HQ in Deerfield, IL & the CEO's are uber Liberal with regards to guns & law suits from employee's possible putting other customers or employee's in harms way are not profitable. I do not shop at Walgreens...Expect all Walgreens stores to post ORANGE signs when we get Concealed Carry. When I need a Script filled I go to CVS
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    I am a pharmacist and have questioned whether or not I would be fired if I prevented a robbery with a gun. We have to be available 24/7 and sometimes have to go in the middle of the night to get meds for patients in need. Company policy says no guns. When I am on call, I am usually ready to respond to a threat. I am assuming I would be fired, but willing to take my chances.
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    Give the robber what ever they want, do not fight JUST HAND IT OVER to them

    interesting concept, but as we recently learned, watching Constitutional carry get boiled down to CC Permit by the legislators, i would tend to respond to a criminal robber with: this is what you want.........however, this is what you get: Bang.
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