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Thread: Tenn. homeowners uses car to chase off burglars whom were shooting at them

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    Tenn. homeowners uses car to chase off burglars whom were shooting at them

    NASHVILLE, Tenn (Reuters) In what sheriff's deputies are calling an act of self-defense, two Tennessee homeowners ran their vehicle into one of three burglars they startled when they returned home early this morning.
    Michael Harris and Sally Michello were greeted by gunfire from one of the trio of intruders when they arrived at their home in Rutherford County, just south of Nashville, according to Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Lisa Marchesoni.
    The burglars fled after one of them was struck by the car. No one was injured by the gunfire, but bullets did strike the door frame of the couple's vehicle, said Criminal Investigations Division Commander Preble Acton.
    The victims were defending themselves by using their vehicle to ward off the intruders, said Cpl. Scott Martin. Police said no one was seriously injured.
    (more of the story in the link)
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    And who says guns are more dangerous than cars....hopefully they get the third guy soon.
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