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Thread: Independence, MO police shoot concrete alligator

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    Independence, MO police shoot concrete alligator

    Not exactly OC related, but certainly relates to private property rights & police idiocy.

    In Independence, MO, someone reported an alligator near a pond in a residential subdivision.
    His kids saw it while playing nearby.
    Police asked conservation wardens what to do, & got the OK to shoot it.
    So they did.
    Then they realized it hadn't moved.
    It was made of concrete.
    The homeowner, who had been working in his garage, came running when he heard shots.
    Police apologized.

    Why didn't police approach him when they wanted to come onto his property?
    He could have told them it was concrete.
    Or heck, they could have actually LOOKED at the thing.

    He said he had put up no trespassing signs, but they were torn down, so he got the life-size gator figuring nobody would bother it & it was too big to carry away.
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