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Thread: California Bill SB 798

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    California Bill SB 798

    A paintball buddy asked me to help stop California bill SB798 from passing.
    it has to do with requiring air powered guns to be brightly colored this will also effect paintball and airsoft games I guess your camo wont do much good with a day glow orange gun.

    First Google hit.

    • Facebook Link:!/S...llinCalifornia
    • Letter Template(Player) Link

    List of people to send to:
    Name District Phone Email

    Tom Ammiano – Chair Dem-13 916-319-2013

    Steve Knight – Vice Chair Rep-36 916-319-2036

    Gilbert Cedillo Dem-45 916-319-2045

    Curt Hagman Rep-60 916-319-2060

    Jerry Hill Dem-19 916-319-2019

    Holly J. Mitchell Dem-47 916-319-2047

    Nancy Skinner Dem-14 916-319-2014

    Thank you
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