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Thread: Green Valley Ranch encounter

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    Green Valley Ranch encounter

    A little back story before I begin with what happened last night. About a year ago I open carried and was surrounded by security and was treated with the utmost respect. The head security was named Troy and after the encounter he actually offered me a job!

    I don't open carry at GVR any more. Most places that don't allow OC I refuse to give business too, but the poker there is just too good to pass up and it helps in these tough times. So like most Wednesdays I show up to play a H.O.R.S.E. poker tournament. Things are going well for about the first hour. I am not carrying but I am still wearing my holster for a colt .38 special. Not exactly a big holster. About an hour and a half into playing I hear "sir, we need to speak with you". I looked down and my dress shirt had lifted up a little bit and exposed the bottom half of my empty holster. I stand up and tell them I am not carrying, lifted my shirt to expose fully my empty holster. The alpha named "Steve or Steven" of the group states that he sees now that I do not have a weapon. Well I turn around and get back to poker business.

    "What do you think you are doing? We are not through with you." said the alpha.
    Me: "uh, whats the matter now?"
    Alpha: "you can't just walk in here with a holster."
    Me: "Is that a new corporate policy?"
    Alpha: "looks like we got a live one boys, stand up and produce some I.D."

    At this point I know I'm dealing with an irrational and clearly untrained security guard. Talk about not having things get out of line, this guy is just looking for a fight.

    Like most people here I do not take kindly being talked down to like a 3rd grader who just got in trouble. I did not answer his last question right away and he followed it up with "well we are going to hold your I.D. while you take your holster to your car."

    I informed him that I would not be giving him my I.D. and was asked to leave. On my way out I ran into my father and informed him of the situation and he was dumbfounded. He ask the security team if I really was being asked to leave. Mr. alpha Steve quickly told him the he understand where his son get his attitude problem from! My father went back inside to collect every ones name that were involved. On his way out he ran into Steve again and my father told him what he was doing was not just impolite but down right rude berating him just because we were related and that he would be filing a formal complaint. Steve put his hand out and slapped it and informed my father he "couldn't do ****".

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    Good place to not do business with.

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    i would do more than file a complaint. i would sue the ever living :-D **** out of them. and then once i owned the place......i would fire steve and tell him "yes jack hole. i would like fries with that " ;-)
    i would rather run out of blood, breath and life. and die fighting. than run out of ammo , and die with my pants down -Tom Scantas

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    Quote Originally Posted by carry for myself View Post
    i would do more than file a complaint. i would sue the ever living :-D **** out of them. and then once i owned the place......i would fire steve and tell him "yes jack hole. i would like fries with that " ;-)
    That's not gonna happen. But I would love to see some follow up. This ******* needs a blanket party.
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    Sounds like someone got beat up in high school...or has an abnormally small penis. This is where cameras need to be.. so we can take it to the news.
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    As much as I agree the guy is a Jerk, there are a couple of ways to look at it.

    He is already working at an "anti" establishment. let him stay there and hurt their business.

    Property rights reign, there property their rules. They can kick me out for wearing a 1911 t shirt, I wont give them any trouble.

    Its just a reminder of why he Green was staying away in the first place.

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