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Thread: Flying Bear Kills Two Canadians

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    Flying Bear Kills Two Canadians

    This is unreal.

    I've spotted deer crossing the road ahead of me thousands of times, and have even dodged a few. Yet I've spotted a bear crossing a road just once in my life, and that was in my rear-view mirror, immediately after I passed.
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    When I first saw the article it was labeled as "Flying Bear Crashes through Windshield" and I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of it. Then I read the article and felt bad. The name of the article has since been changed.

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    Flying bears are bad, but it's them road-crossing chickens you really have to watch out for!

    See, now if not for those restrictive Canadian gun laws they could have dropped that kamikaze bear with some large caliber ABA well before he got within striking distance.

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