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Thread: Senate Bill 679 (HB395) Castle Doctrine/Amend Firearms Laws

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    Senate Bill 679 (HB395) Castle Doctrine/Amend Firearms Laws

    Just got word from Sen. Berger's office that this passed yesterday. While it is not about open carry, it is still important gun legislation in the right direction.

    This is the response from his office:
    Thank you for your email to Sen. Berger regarding our firearms laws. Sen. Berger supports allowing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their loved ones by expanding conceal carry privileges into more public areas as long as the property rights of business owners remains paramount. These types of bills are currently under review by the Senate Judiciary II committee Chaired by Sen. Allran, Sen. Daniel, and Sen. Newton. Sen. Berger supports the provisions of House bill 650. This bill aims to make more intensive and positive changes concerning when a person may use defensive force and amends various laws regarding the right to own, possess, and carry firearms in North Carolina. The Senate republicans are working hard to pass a strong bill this session that makes these positive changes to our current laws. Just yesterday the Senate passed S679 Castle Doctrine/Amend Firearms Laws which combines several already proposed firearms bills (and expands the concealed weapons permit) while strengthening the Castle Doctrine.

    Again, thank you for your letter to Sen. Berger and for your recommendations on strengthening our 2nd amendment rights, and Sen. Berger shares your concerns on this issue. If you have any questions concerning specific provisions on this type of legislation please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

    If you do choose to email your legislators, please always do so in a respectful manner. Even if they do not agree with our position at this time, we may be able to convince them in the future.
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    "the right direction" ?

    I am looking but I see no indication that anyone is working on or making any progress toward fixing the open carry bans in NC law. None.
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