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Thread: Paducah City Preemption Violation

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    Paducah City Preemption Violation

    Paducah City Code 70-5(2) seeks to Regulate Firearms and other Weapons in Local Parks.

    Paducah City Code 70-94(11) seeks to Regulate Firearms and other Weapons at The Local Skate Park, in Contravention to The Provisions of KRS 65.870.

    Both Ordinances are Preempted by The Plain Terms of KRS 65.870.

    Paducah City Officials can be Reached via: 270-444-8503.

    Paducah Park Officials can be Reached via: 270-444-8508.

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    I've been working on it. According to the city manager 70-5 has already been repealed, but they haven't gotten around to getting it off of the internet. I checked the library in the lawbook and it isn't in there. They said they were going to have the city attorney look into the rest. So I'll give them a little more time before I start riding them about it again.
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