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Thread: questions about camp grounds, open carry while hiking

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    questions about camp grounds, open carry while hiking

    I will be spending the next month camping in various parts of the forest and coast and had questions about open carry or loaded guns at a camp site, I know under California state law a campsite is considered a "temporary residence" and therefore you have the same rights to loaded guns as you would in your home, does Oregon have a similar law?

    I understand there are cities that ban open carry with the exception of a concealed carry permit, but what does state law say about open carry in general?

    If I were to get a concealed carry permit in Portland would that make me exempt from all open carry laws in the state?

    If I am camping can I legally have a loaded rifle or shotgun at my campsite? If I were to hike from my campsite can I legally open carry, whether it be a handgun or rifle?

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    Check the stickied OC PAMPHLET thread (first thread in the Oregon forum) for a lot of good info and then do your own research of the Oregon Revised Statutes. The ones that apply to firearms are 166.170 to 166.380. Not a lot of reading like some states.

    Portland is unlikely to issue you a non resident CHL. Grant County is the bet bet though it is a ways "out there" and unlikely to work for you. Not sure but they may be able to coordinate with your local sheriffs department and get you a CHL via mail with the local SO's assistance. That's probably a long shot.

    Open Carry in Oregon without a CHL is legal except in/on "public buildings" (as defined by ORS 166.360) but local ordinances can regulate that the weapon be UNLOADED. As far as I know there are no counties with such regulations (but check for yourself). Most of the state is fine for loaded open carry and those that regulate it you can carry unloaded with your loaded magazines (or speed loaders) on your side, just not in or attached to the weapon. Be cautious though as a couple of localities attempt to regulate that magazines must also be empty.

    I would recommend reading the ORS, starting with 166.170 and then looking up all the city and county regulations on the web as well.

    Good luck.
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