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Thread: Old Dominion U. fatal shooting (just off campus)

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    Old Dominion U. fatal shooting (just off campus)

    One dead, one wounded. Both are fraternity brothers of mine (even though I graduated from a different school, 25 years ago).

    Not OC related, peripherally related to campus carry. Yet more evidence that campuses, and especially the neighborhoods surrounding them where many students live, are not safe places.

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    I have a question which I believe is relevant to this thread.

    For schools such as VCU, is there a "buffer", or neutral, zone (for lack of a better term) which surrounds the grounds of the school in which one cannot legally carry a firearm, open or concealed, or are the lines of demarcation precise... like a sidewalk or street? In other words, do "no carry" perimeters extend a short distance beyond the actual school grounds/physical property?

    The reason I ask is this. If a student is living off campus and carries his sidearm to restaurants, stores, and other businesses which might be directly across from the campus but not on the property, he may very well find himself walking across streets and along sidewalks which border the school. With a school such as VCU, is this a legal action on his part?
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