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Thread: New to Oregon, living in Salem

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    New to Oregon, living in Salem

    The mix here is very different from California where I know what to expect. What are the firearms ownership and carry attitudes, what are the patterns of attitude? Who faints at the sight of a firearm, who shows interest in gunnies? By city, county or region?

    I see quite a few posts of people having no trouble with open carry in Salem and all, but I perceived a guarded response to me just wearing a S&W International Revolver Championship hat.

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    Welcome to Salem. I must advise caution open carrying in Salem if you don't have Oregon chl. There are several cities in Oregon (on the west side of the mountains) that have a requirement for chl to open carry. use caution. As far as carrying, most don't even notice. safe carrying.

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    open carry without a permit is ok in salem as long as your firearm is not loaded you may have loaded mags on your person just not attached to the gun. I open carry everyday in salem and have had no bad encounters

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