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Thread: UNO's on Hull Street Rd closed for good

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    Unhappy UNO's on Hull Street Rd closed for good

    No more meals at that location. Shame of it is that one of the managers was OC friendly.

    Corp said it just wasn't making money any more. I saw business drop lick a rock when the smoking ban went into effect.

    Dang I miss the Crab dip!

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    Too bad the folks that worked there are now unemployed, but I will not miss the place.

    Both quality and quantity of food served went down and continued to spiral.

    We need to wait and see what takes over the site and try to convince management through our (as always) good behavior and (if warranted) repeat patronage that OCers are a welcome part of the customer base.

    stay safe.

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    I shouldn't speak ill of the dead I won't, but I ain't shedding any tears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by va_tazdad View Post
    Shame of it is that one of the managers was OC friendly.
    He was starting up a small FFL operation. Hope he does well.
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