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    Not in the sense it's usually meant here, but I finally saw something I wasn't sure existed, so that seems like as good a title as any.

    I've been working in Iraq since July, 2004, so I've seen a lot of people carrying a lot of weapons. This morning as I walked to work, though, I saw something I'd never seen before and cannot explain.

    Some background: not all military members in Iraq carry M4s or M16s; those who can get away with it usually carry an M9 Beretta 9mm, as it's much easier to carry when you have to carry EVERYWHERE. Many pistol carriers opt for shoulder holsters, and of those who use shoulder holsters, many opt for the model that carries the pistol horizontally. While it's always vaguely disconcerting to stand in line behind someone while you're watching the barrel of his pistol point directly at your chest, I guess I've gotten used to that one.

    Today, however, I saw one that simply has me flabbergasted. I was behind a group of older female solders, and one of them was wearing the horizontal model shoulder holster. The odd thing was that instead of looking at the barrel of her pistol, I was looking at the GRIP. That's right, she had somehow assembled and donned her holster in such a way that the barrel was poking out next to her right breast, while the grip was in back. Right in front of me where I could have reached up, released the retention strap, and pulled her pistol from behind her.

    I truly wish I had been carrying a camera, as I'm not sure I'll ever see that one repeated!

    If anyone can explain the reasons for this new method of shoulder holster mounting, I'd certainly appreciate the education.

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    She is an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyDeath View Post
    She is an idiot.
    First post wins again.
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    I just tried to reach my arm into a position that could grab that way and it doesn't work...

    It was on her right side and I'm assuming she's right handed so she'd have to bend her elbow and pull her hand straight back until the hand could grip something in the rear of the armpit. That is a flexible arm...

    Also, you should have asked her about it. She'd have probably yelled at you or gotten defensive saying it was the best way to carry, but you'd have had some insight on the method of carry. Lol
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    No secret to the way she "assembled" this rig. It was a normal, "weak-side, cross draw" should rig for a right handed person (gun under left arm). She just put it on the wrong way.

    Apparently, the people in her unit didn't know enough to tell her she was wearing it BACKWARDS...
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