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Thread: Chicago's finest

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    Chicago's finest

    Off duty cop shoots would be robber

    Story is still sketchy on facts but, two things jumped out at me on this clown....

    It was Chicago, land of the free and home of the brave.

    After he took the gun away from the suspect, didn't the immediate threat stop?
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    The way I read it there was a struggle over the gun and it fired. Cop probably was twisting the gun in the teens hand and it fired during the process. At least that's the way I read it. If so, the threat was continuing as long as the teen's hand was on the gun.

    Frankly, I think this event turned out just the way it should have. One down and how many thousands more to go?

    Chicago cops certainly have a bad reputation but I can't find much fault here based solely on the report.
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    Or it could be read as the Officer Grabbed the Gun and then Fired his own firearm and killed the perp.
    Depending upon the circumstances, taking control of the gun is not one in the same as no longer being threatened to where deadly force is authorized, I am sure some could come up with a scenario that would fit that bill.
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    As I said in another thread, yes, it's a problem 'on paper', but anytime you have a high chaos event you can't parse it too closely. People are scared shirtless and things happen in an instant and it's not right to suggest a Monday-morning quarterback analysis.

    I do think that the parents of this teen would prevail in Civil court if that were possible, due to this (alleged) technicality. I doubt they'll do that, though.
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    Chicago cop 'dressed as clown.' He was in uniform, in other words.
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