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Thread: Throwaway guns!?

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    Throwaway guns!?

    From a LEO who posted that story...
    'So what were those aforementioned preparations put in place by some very well-meaning veteran officers? Well, many, if not most, carried, what became known as, “throw-away weapons.”'

    I had no idea most LEOs carried throw-away weapons.
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    Likely because most probably don't.

    That article is so full of the myths perpetuated by TV and the movies that I strongly doubt the veracity of anything the article purports.

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    I can't wait until the next installment, where we learn about the magic beans.

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    I would say that this article is full of it. While a very small minority of officers might do this I think the vast majority do not. It poses a huge risk to them in several ways.
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    Not to mention that the author admits to having owned (and still owns) several of these weapons. And if HIS "throw-away weapons" are in line with the ones he describes in his article, possession of them is a FEDERAL OFFENSE, because it is against the law to be in possession of a firearm that has had the serial number intentionally modified or removed...

    Somebody should report this guy to the BATFE and the FBI, because his article is essentially an admission to violating Federal law...
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    That gun, the cops lay down like that, is referred to as a "Ham Sandwich"

    "Holy $hit! that perp you just shot didn't really have a gun! Better lay down the ham-sandwich"
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