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Thread: Oregon Adopt-A-Highway

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    Oregon Adopt-A-Highway

    I know OCDO users in other states have similar events and I figured we could get one going as well.

    Program requires a "Spokesperson" to be an overseer of the group. I don't have an issue with taking that role if no one else wants it.

    We need to choose a portion of highway to cover as well.

    Overview (From above link):

    " The Adopt-A-Highway program provides an opportunity for volunteers to clean up litter and remove noxious weeds along state highways. Work activities may also include graffiti removal and maintenance of existing landscaped areas.

    • Volunteers may be individuals, families, groups or businesses; however, the organization must be readily identifiable as verified with the Secretary of State, group bylaws, etc.
    • Volunteers must be willing to commit to at least one year of volunteer service with a minimum of litter clean up four times a year or noxious weed removal two times a year.
    • Participants must be 16 years of age or older with at least one adult supervisor present while the work is being done. Participants should have the ability to walk in uneven terrain, lift and carry filled bags, and work safely around factors such as heavy traffic and high noise levels.
    • You provide your own transportation and set your own schedule.
    • ODOT will provide trashbags, reflective vests, safety awareness information and work area signs. ODOT will also provide flags to mark large items, broken glass and other potentially dangerous items.

    Each organization will be asked to select a spokesperson. This person will be the point of contact for the organization. The spokesperson will also be responsible to assure that each participant complies with the Adopt-A-Highway program requirements and saftey procedures and has signed a liability release with ODOT. The spokesperson will coordinate transportation of participants to and from the work area, pick up and return the supplies provided by ODOT, and notify ODOT of any flagged items.
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    I'll lend a hand and join the fun.

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