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Thread: Good laugh in Custer.

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    Good laugh in Custer.

    Wifey and I were in Custer again this weekend for some errands and to go ride our ATV's.
    When we were done with our ride, we decided to stop and check out a menu at one of the local restaurants
    that we've always wanted to try, but has never been open when we've been there.
    We pull up on the ATV's and park (legal to ride ATV's on the street and open carry on ATV as long as you have a cc permit and plates for your ATV.)
    While I waited for the Wife to come out with a menu, some people from Mississippi came out and were totally shocked that we were allowed to ride ATV's on the street........and then she saw my H&K USP in my Serpa and exclaimed "OH MY GOD, AND YOU"RE WEARING A GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    I then had a nice calm 5 minute conversation about the legality of open carry/concealed carry and how if more people carried there would be less crime. Overall a good conversation.
    BTW, I love the Black Hills. I can't wait for us to finally build something on the land we have there. :-)

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    Good for you on the education aspect,I'm through that area with my other half and kids alot on our shopping trips to Rapid,and I open carry,it's usually a non-issue.

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    Yeah, I don't know what out-of-staters find more shocking - our reasonable ATV laws, or our reasonable gun laws.

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