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Thread: Please remember to thank your representatives if they voted for SB 93

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    Please remember to thank your representatives if they voted for SB 93

    I sent off an email to Representative Keith Ripp thanking him for his vote for SB 93.

    Thank you Rep. Ripp for supporting our 2nd Amendment rights and voting for the passage of SB 93. It is an important step towards restoring the rights of Wisconsin citizens to protect themselves and their families. We remain hopeful that in a few years time we may revisit this issue and pass true Constitutional Carry.


    ##### & ###########

    ########, WI

    It took him all of 28 minutes to get back to me! Thank you again sir! Here is what he wrote.....

    xxxx and xxxx,

    Thank you for your email and support. As a life time member of the NRA and hunting instructor I know the importance of protecting 2nd Amendment rights and this bill does that. Wisconsinites should have the right to conceal carry and do so with out the fear of prosecution and knowing that that right is protected in statutes. I also am pleased that this bill will allow those that choose to conceal carry to also do so in other states.


    Keith Ripp

    Wisconsin State Representative

    47th Assembly District
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    rep brooks has been thanked

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    My thank-you

    Dear Representative Loudenbeck,
    Thank you very much for your Aye vote on SB93, our Concealed Carry bill. When Governor Walker signs this into law, the law-abiding citizens of Wisconsin will finally be able to defend themselves if they choose. You can be proud of your role in making this happen and proud of keeping your oath of office to uphold both the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Wisconsin!.

    A very happy constituent,
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    WI DA Gerald R. Fox:
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    Here's Mine....

    Ms. Kerkman

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your persoanl call regarding my E-mails on the SB-93 Concealed Carry Bill. I was impressed that you took the time to place the call.

    Also, I would also like to THANK YOU for voting yes on the Bill. It was not the true "Constitutional Carry" Bill the I was hoping for but it IS better to have this bill than one that could have been worse, and it is also a step in the right direction for full constitutional rights in the future.

    I aprreciate your time very much, so there is no need, for you to repond to this E-mail as I am confident that you will see it based on your reply to my previous e-mails.

    Finally, based on your persoanl phone call and YES vote (keeping your word), you will have my support and my vote in any of your future political endevors.

    Let me know how and when I can be of help.

    Best Regards...
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