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Thread: Restaurant Security Glad That Customer Needed A Handgun To Buy A Cheeseburger

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    Restaurant Security Glad That Customer Needed A Handgun To Buy A Cheeseburger

    South Bay Open Carry member and former US Marine, Christopher Hacopian, shows Assemblyman Anthony Portantino why a common, law-abiding Californian might need a handgun to buy a cheeseburger. The Assemblymember's empty, anti-gun rhetoric holds no water when challenged with reality.
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    Great article, thanks for sharing. Instructions for the Assemblyman- Insert foot in mouth, stop talking!
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    Glad this finally got some press!

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    Now what do you say to that Mr Portantino?

    BZ Marine ....if this law passes we wil be reduced to open carry of Long guns or our tactical shotguns.....Oooh pretty scary for the unarmed citizens in Cali ...practice making ready your rifles and shotguns in case this absurd law comes into force.....
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    Question I don't understand...

    The GGWAG (good guy w/ a gun) said that as police approached he acted like a criminal - holstered, got on his knees, hands on his head - then the officers made him lie down and took his pistol, even though he'd been on the phone w/ 911 telling them the situation, to pass along to the officers.
    So they knew he was the good guy, & his pistol was holstered when they got there, so why the felon treatment?

    BTW, here's another article linked from that Examiner one, about a brawl at McD's. So much for not 'needing' a gun to get a burger, huh?
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