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Thread: Oh, You Must be a Police Officer!

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    Oh, You Must be a Police Officer!

    Howdy Folks!
    I got a chuckle out of a citizen encounter just a couple of days ago.

    I took my car to get the oil changed after our trip to Hastings Nebraska. I walked in and the man behind the counter noticed my weapon and greeted me amiably. Told him I wanted my oil changed and he asked if I had a coupon and I told him I didn't. He said "Oh, I'm sure you do. We'll fix you up with something!"
    "Thank you very much," I responded "that's real neighborly of you to treat me so kindly!"
    "I want to do you right, especially if you have that thing on your hip!"
    "No cause for concern, amigo. Unless a criminal happens along with intent to do something nefarious, it is no threat to anybody!"
    We laughed, but I wondered if he had some sort of concern about my pistol. That didn't seem reasonable because I've been there before while carrying.

    Anyhow, a bit later two older women came into the shop. I was leaning against the counter just biding time. One of the women looked at my pistol and then up at me and said "Why do you.... oh, I you must be a police officer."
    "No ma'am!" I replied. "I'm not a cop. I am just a citizen who wont be victimized by a criminal bent on committing some miscreancy. I'm what you call a 'law abiding citizen' prepared to defend my own life and the lives of everyone around me."

    She seemed surprised by my comment, and smiled wanely before sitting at a table along with her companion. After a moment or two, I walked over and chatted with them. I told them how I'd stopped in Sterling and a woman there asked why I had a gun. "To defend against lion attack!"
    "Lion attack??? We got no lions around here!" she replied.
    "See. It works!"

    The woman laughed, and I believed I'd made her feel much more comfortable about my weapon. It only took a moment, and may have given her a more positive impression of a LAC such as myself.

    Point of the whole story... Take a little time to be friendly and informative for those who feel uncomfortable. By learning about us, they are likely to be better appreciative of who we are and why we carry.


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    a woman there asked why I had a gun. "To defend against lion attack!"
    "Lion attack??? We got no lions around here!" she replied.
    "See. It works!"
    LOL. That's awesome!

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    That's hilarious!

    I will say, however, we do have lions around here. Mountain lions. I ran into one at the edge of my apartment complex where it butts up against Monument Creek at a location where it's more like a mini-canyon than an open creek.

    Fortunately, it didn't like my being there any more than I liked it being there.
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