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Thread: Thanks! Great group for a beginner

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    Thanks! Great group for a beginner

    Howdy! I've been lurking for a while and have found this to be a great place for information and I think I've learned a lot.

    I don't have much experience with hand guns but am interested in learning and eventually open carrying. Can anyone recommend a good basic gun instructor in the Fletcher/Asheville, NC area? I would really like to do some one on one instruction. I've looked around at the local gun shops but to be honest I feel a bit intimidated when I walk in these stores and don't know much about a semi automatic handgun. My end goal was to conceal carry but now I'm thinking I just want to open carry.

    Eventually I'm going to purchase a handgun but since I moved from Buncombe county to Henderson county in December, I can just now apply for a purchase permit.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) I am left handed. I was wondering about carrying on my left side and if this could be a problem when driving a car. Since it would be on the side with the door, could this be construed as concealment? Would it be better to put the gun on the passenger seat when driving?

    2) I was having a conversation with a friend who is a gun owner. He indicated that if you purchase a handgun in a private transaction (ie- not from a dealer) you don't need a purchase permit. I don't think this is right from the reading I've done here and sent him your flyer. Am I correct?

    Thanks for your patience and a great forum.


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    Good beginning - glad you decided to go public.
    Better to not open your mouth and be thought the fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

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    Welcome ! You have come to the right place. Alot of good info on here. As far as the private transaction, you need a pp permit to be "legal" otherwise its a "straw purchase". I too shoot LH, I dont have an issue in a vehicle, sometimes I will carry on my RH side cross draw, but thats up to you. I will tell you that you will want a handgun that is "LH friendly" meaning when buying a holster ,preferibly level 2 retention, you will be able to find what you want in LH. I carry a Glock mainly because the Black Hawk serpa also comes in LH for my Glock. Hope this was helpful. Im sure others will chime in or correct me where needed.

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    Welcome aboard!

    Take a look at the NC Flyer (in a sticky post at the top of the North Carolina section).
    Unless you have a passenger, you can lay your firearm on the passenger seat in plain view while driving so as not to be considered "concealed".

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    You are legal open carrying on your left side while in a vehicle. However, some LEO's will hassle you for a concealed firearm if it is not visable to them when they walk up, meaning they want it on the dash.

    The seller in a private sale of a handgun is required to have proof that the buyer is legally able to purchase a firearm. The proof can be a purchase permit or a CC permit. The seller is not required to keep the permit, just a copy. This is not required for the private sale of a long gun, but I would still suggest it. If you sell a gun and it is recovered in a crime, where is the trail going to stop?

    A straw purchase is when someone buys a gun for someone that can not legally own a firearm. Hence the first question on the federal form. "Are you purchasing this firearm for yourself?"

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