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Thread: Open Carry Luncheon in Wheeling, WV 23 July 2011

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    Open Carry Luncheon in Wheeling, WV 23 July 2011

    There will be an Open Carry Luncheon will be held 23 July 2011 from 12 to 2 p.m. at Generations Restaurant and Pub on National Road in Wheeling, WV.

    The plan is: You show up between 12 & 2 for lunch and if you are Openly Carrying, you will reveive 15% off your bill. If there are any open seats at tables with other OC'ers, you will be seated with them unless you request otherwise (nice chance to chat).

    If there is a speaker, s/he will speak at 1:00 at the small stage in the corner of the restaurant.

    Come early, eat, then listen to the speaker and have a good time OR come listen to the speaker, then eat and have a good time.

    The Open Carry Luncheon that WVCDL held in Martinsburg last year had 150 participants.

    Hope to see you there!!
    Open or Concealed... CARRY ON!

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    Just like a columbus trip for me. I'll consider going, its still a long ride on my Harley.

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    not a bad place... i used to live down the street from there... i grew up in the valley also.. but back in those days i concealed due to being a police officer..

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