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Thread: Question about carrying a shotgun in a container...

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    Question about carrying a shotgun in a container...

    I have been eyeballing one of the Mossberg JIC Mariner shotguns to keep in my truck and the idea about whether or not it would be legal to carry the waterproof tube (containing the shotgun) to and from anyplace? Either hiking or perhaps kayaking? Technically, the shotgun would be concealed, as it is in the container, but it is also painted to indicate the model of the shotgun inside (screaming "gun inside"). It seems to me that, given that it is technically concealed, regardless of the painting, that I should be able to lug it around anywhere I please (within CCW regulations, of course). Anyone have any definitive answer on this, beyond mere speculation? Thanks!

    P.S. I forgot to mention that I'm in FL...not sure if this belongs in that forum or not. If so, mods please move there. Thanks again!
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    It's not "concealed," otherwise UPS FedEx or any other transporter would be guilty of "concealing" a weapon. What you are doing is "transporting" a weapon, same as if it were in the shipping carton from the manufacturer, or in an airline approved transport case... of for that matter one of those soft fabric cases from WallyWorld.

    Obey any state or federal laws in regard to the transportation of long arms and you'll be fine.

    There's also the matter that in pretty much every state, long arms are not considered "concealable" items.
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