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Thread: Mayor Bloomberg Jumps on the Terrorist Gun Scam

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    Mayor Bloomberg Jumps on the Terrorist Gun Scam

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    WTF!! 'Americans can go in to a gun show and buy fully-automatic machine guns without any background check' What a load of crap!

    It'd be easier (and cheaper and faster) for me to fly to Afganistan and buy a real (ie full auto) AK than it would to buy one here in the US!

    Bloomberg's an IDIOT!!
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    Here's a web page where you can find out all of the mayors, by state, who have signed on to Bloomberg's ploy. Looks like he has 20 mayors from WA so far, including, of course, Mike McGinn of Seattle and Marilyn Strickland of Tacoma:


    Poor, misguided fools. Pathetic.

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