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Thread: Open - NM CCW Job with DPS in ABQ

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    Open - NM CCW Job with DPS in ABQ

    In case anyone knows of someone pro-CCW/2A that is looking for a state job, the NM CCW office of the DPS is looking for an office clerk in ABQ.

    Job Description

    Job Title:
    OFFICE CLERK - OPERATIONAL - (Position #10107337) - Department of Public Safety
    Job ID:
    Location: Albuquerque

    Full/Part Time:
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    The salary range for this position is $7.51 min - $13.36 max hourly (Pay Band 30). The salary will be determined based on the applicant's education and experience.
    Agency Mission & Description
    The Department of Public Safety's mission is to build a safer, stronger New Mexico by providing law enforcement services, training, disaster response and technical support to the public and other governmental agencies.
    Purpose of Position
    Position will provide administrative and receptionist support services for the Concealed Carry Unit and the Albuquerque Special Investigation Division (SID) and its assigned staff. Position will perform highly confidential receptionist duties, clerical tasks and data entry. Position maintains financial and other records, handles customer complaints, answers questions on department services and prepares and verifies statical reports for accuracy.
    Educational requirements
    A High School Diploma or successful completion of the GED program is required for this position.

    Please enter your education level on the Education and Work experience page of the application even when submitting a resume.
    Two (2) years experience performing office duties is required for this position.
    Employment Requirements
    Must possess and maintain a valid New Mexico Driver's License. Employment is subject to a pre-employment background investigation and is conditional pending results. Work overtime and occasional travel may be required.
    Supplemental Skills/Abilities
    Microsoft Office Suite experience is not required to qualify for this position but is preferred.
    Working Environment
    Work is performed in an office setting with exposure to Visual/Video Display Terminal (VDT) and extensive personal computer and phone usage and exposure to staff that carry firearms with flexible work hours that might impact work accomplishments. Adherence to confidentiality. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
    To Apply for this job:
    State agency must provide reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities where appropriate. Applicants requiring reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process should contact the hiring agency directly. Determinations on requests for reasonable accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis.

    1. Click the [Apply Now] button.
    2. Please apply by: July 5, 2011
    3. Cutting and pasting a resume works best. You may also apply by completing the Work Experience section.
    4. There are a series of questions that are different for every job. In order to receive full consideration for all your qualifications, be sure to answer all questions (do not skip any).
    5. If you are a veteran or a disabled veteran, be sure to send your DD214 to: NM State Personnel Office, Applicant/Intake Section, 2600 Cerrillos Road, P. O. Box 26127, Santa Fe, NM 87505. If you receive confirmation of your veteran or disabled veteran status, please reapply for the position and indicate that you received confirmation. You will only need to submit your documents one time.
    6. Remember there is no hard copy application. If you submit a resume directly to an agency and don't apply on-line, your application will not include the questionnaire answers for inclusion on the ranked list.

    Agency contact for this position is: Lieutenant Lieutenant Chris Mydock, (575) 439-5714.

    If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation stating that you have applied successfully, please call the contact for this posting or the SPO Recruitment Bureau at (505) 476-7777, before the closing date of the position you have applied for.

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    would love to apply but do not have the two years office work
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    I wonder if they are expanding to shorten wait times, or just replacing somebody?

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