On May 26th, my 28 year old son, an open carrier, was stopped while driving his car in North Las Vegas.

He rolled his window partially and was ordered to lower it all the way because it was an "illegal tint."

Before reaching into his pocket to get his wallet, and while keeping his hands on his steering wheel, and to keep the cop from freaking, my son informed the cop that he was open carrying a loaded weapon.

The cop freaked and called for help and my son got out after at least three other officers arrived.

My son's girlfriend called me to inform me that my son was being arrested so I removed my gun so as not to escalate the situation and I went to the scene.

I walked toward the scene with my video cam and the cop that arrested my son approached me and met me half way, which was about 30 feet from the scene. The cop ordered me to go away and I asked if it was unlawful for me to video. He said, "Stay right there, then. Don't come any closer." I stayed put and told him I was the mother and had questions. That "cowboy" cop yanked the cam out of my hands, said, "I warned you," then cuffed me and shoved me into the back of a police car. My son was in another police car.

His car was impounded and I believe they were going to impound my motorcycle (even though the vehicles were both on private property.)

We both spent 24 hours in the holding tank. My son got pretty jacked up because he has had three MAJOR surgeries on his left arm and as you can imagine, they were certainly not gentle.

We were both arraigned on Tuesday in Judge Vanlandshoot's court. Of course we both plead not guilty to everything. And our trials are on July 26th.

My son's charges are as follows and I'm including to the best of my ability what the cop wrote on the citations - because his handwriting sucks!

Aggressive Driving, NRS 484.376.5
Did intentionally drive in such a manner by speeding above the posted speed limit, tailing, weaving in and out of traffic and change lanes multiple times within 100 feet in an unsafe and abrupt manner.

How is it possible to do what he described in 100 feet?

Dangerous Deadly Weapon in Vehicle, City Ordinance 9.32.080
Did have in his possession in an automobile (Lexus…) a deadly weapon Taurus 40 caliber #(undecipherable).

More than one Drivers License, NRS 483.232.4
Did willfully have in possession more than one drivers license in his wallet.

He had in his possession three NV dl's because the DMV had messed it up. He had a letter from the DMV that the cop refused to acknowledge. Therefore, he only had on VALID dl.

1. Except persons expressly exempted in NRS 483.010 to 483.630, inclusive, a person shall not drive any motor vehicle upon a highway in this State unless such person has a valid license as a driver under the provisions of NRS 483.010 to 483.630, inclusive, for the type or class of vehicle being driven.

NRS 484.6195.1
Did have dark black window tint on all four windows which is more than (undecipherable.)

No testing was done on the tint.

Does anyone know of any other case in NLV in which a citizen was charged with and arrested for that obsolete city ordinance?

btw, the Judge said words to this effect, "I highly suggest you get a lawyer because that gun violation is concerning."

My son is attempting to find out if the prosecution will seek jail time. If not, he intends to defend himself and if convicted of anything, appeal it to district court and lawyer up there since the NLV Muni Court is a court of non record and any appeal will result in a trial de novo.

Any thoughts?