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Thread: Is anyone going to the Cherry Festival in Traverse City this week?

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    Is anyone going to the Cherry Festival in Traverse City this week?

    I'll be there Tues. and Weds. Maybe we can meet-up! If So!!!

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    When you live up here you avoid that place like the Plague. I wish you well and hope you have a great time Sam. I am going to have a relaxing weekend on the property here, play with my Ham radio and see how many 10 meter contacts I can get. Take care.
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    Glad to see that you have returned, Bailenforcer. BTW, he is correct in that anyone who lives around TC tries to avoid it. I've OCd at the festival but it has been a while. I do know that TC itself is pretty "anti", especially compared to outlying areas. I definitely wouldn't go without a recorder... but the current state of things tells me that I wouldn't go OC anywhere in Michigan without my recorder running.
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