Well, my best friend and I had to make a run to Ashland earlier today (07-02-11) to pick up his guitar and so I could verify some issues on a weapon that I have on order currently. On our way back we decided to stop off at the KFC in Louisa for the buffet. I had remembered reading about a few misadventures with that place and the employees and since I was in OC mode with my SIG Elite Dark, what better time to exercise a Right and possible help to educate some wayward Kentuckians in the process. *LOL*

Being that my best friend is relatively new to OC and he really doesn't like to OC, he's still "gun shy", pardon the pun! *LOL* SO, I didn't tell him of the potential issue with this KFC till we walked in, needless to say, he was shocked. *LOL* I figured he might freak a bit and start going on about "What if they call the police" but apparently, I've taught him well and taught him to KNOW the law and to stand firm upon that law! He surprised me on that aspect thought he did ask me to re-confirm that it was all in the right.

As I ordered I was situationally aware of the people inside from the time I hit the door till the time we walked out and at no point did a single employee say a single, solitary word to me or my friend about OC'ing in their establishment. That was good to see and "not hear". *LOL*

The only issue was this elderly gentleman that happened to be sitting across from where we sat. He was with a young-middle age gentleman and it seemed like it might have been his Dad or maybe Grandfather. The elderly gentleman, like most was talking quite loudly from time to time but I minded my business as he never said anything to me personally. Once though as I was getting my drink when we first got there, I overheard him talking to either my friend or the younger gebtlemen in reference to the gun I was carrying, needless to say, his remarks were not in favour of OC and by the time I made it back to our table, both gentlemen had gotten up and left.

So, other than that one gentleman, there was not a word said to us about OC'ing in there.

Also, an update on the Wal Mart in Louisa off U.S. 23, I stopped in there last weekend when I was in Ashalnd on different business. I roamed around the place for about 45 minutes to an hour looking around and shopping for some things. I was never approached by anyone nor was anything said to me about OC'ing in Wal Mart.

To be fair though, I usually dress in either black tech pants or blue jeans, usually wearing either a button-down shirt or a t-shirt when I OC. My OC sidearm is a SIG Elite Dark, my OC holster is a Galco IWB Summer Comfort 2. When at all possible I practice something I call "Passive Concealment". Passive Concelament is when your clothing, you weapon and your holster all blend into each other as with a black pistol in a black holster when worn with black pants or blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Today, I was not actually practicing passive concealment though and no one even said a word so either they didn't notice I was carrying or else they just didn't care, well except for that one elderly gentleman. *LOL*