The City Council of Troy Missouri last week voted "NOT" to ban the open carrying of firearms in their City. The following is a letter I'm sending to the Honorable Mayor of Troy, Missouri. For the price of a piece of paper, envelope and stamp you can relate your appreciation to a City that upheld the right of Open Carry:

The Honorable Mayor Mark Cross
800 Cap Au Gris
Troy Missouri 63379

Dear Mayor Cross,

The word quickly spread through the World Wide Web discussion groups how Troy Missouri did not respond with a knee jerk reaction to a proposed ordinance to “ban” open carry of firearms. Most of Missouri remains a viable choice for open carry. Most of Missouri recognizes and supports the Missouri Constitution and the second Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the United States of America. Many of us law abiding citizens appreciate the action of you and the City Council of Troy. Today my wife and I spent the day in Troy, shopping and eating at a local restaurant. In what I hope will not be too long from now a group of us will travel to Troy for a day outing for shopping and dining.

I and many I associate with avoid Cities who act to deny us our right to keep and bear arms. You have a very nice community and wish you and the City of Troy nothing but success and happiness in the future.