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Thread: Alone in mn

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    Alone in mn

    I apologize for posting this here and also in the MINNESOTA section i want to make sure it gets read a permit holder in the blaine minnesota and surrounding areas. i practice the fine art of open carry daily and everywhere always. but as much as i read about people in the area OCing i have never seen anyone else doing it, and i make my rounds. even entering all the local gunshops and being an employee of the biggest shop/range (IMO) i still have yet to see anyone else ocing. i did notice tho when i went to the PERFECT TEN CARWASH on county road 10 by northtown mall, that there is a HUGE sign soon as u walk in that says "CCW permit holders welcome." which i thought was awesome and commended the manager responsible for the sign. so if there is any group of folks who are interested in doing any OC events im game. just shoot me a message on here and ide be more than happy to join in any events, dinners, trash pickups, whatever.i just want to know, am i alone? i feel like the "crazy MWAG" everywhere i go because i stick out, again because im the only one i feel like? someone please prove me wrong ide love to have some peace of mind. the local BLAINE PD even harrasses me regularly making comments such as "so your the guy we get a million calls a week about" or "So your the idiot thats pushing your kids stroller around with a gun wide out in the open" the blaine cops are very harsh and hate any type of carrying even concealed...and thats direct words from the DETECTIVES of blaine, not only the street guys. i have nothing but respect for them and plan on maybe being a LEO here one day. but i wont be like these guys.

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    Congratulations on not allowing yourself to be forced to sit in the back of the bus.

    Sounds like you have the local LEOs under control. Good thing too. Even if they disagree with your carry, if they know you, they won't hassel you.

    I'll bet they don't get that many MWAG call though. I have OC on and off (I admitt I do not carry all the time, but I do frequently) for the last 40 years and have only had a MWAG call made on me once. Of course, I live in an OC friendly area, and that one call was from an out-of-towner.

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